Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things, and more things. Let me type some words for you to read.

HALLO CHRILDENS! I still un-live.  Life things happened, some good...a lot bad.  Meh.  I don't think that anyone really wants to hear about it or what all is going down with it all right now.  Life can suck, relationshits almost always suck and people will hurt you most of the time if and when you let them.  You live and let live and become a better person because of it.  I've missed having an outlet, even if only typing a few words and throwing them into the interweb abyss.

I have been ridiculously active on Instagram though. DO YOU HAVE IT?! My tag, shockingly enough, is thepolishedzombie.  COME FIND ME! Tons of nail pics, cat pics, random pics...yeah.  Basically this but boiled down and concentrated. Loving the video feature.  LOVE IT.  I did a bathroom video in which I talked therefore proving that I'm not just all moans and groans.

I'll apologize for the lack of nail in this post, again, I felt compelled to write, to share, to say something and so something is being said.

What are y'all listening to now?  Anything new and shiny?  I've rediscovered an old love and it's like slipping back into a comfy old sweatshirt.  It's worn, it's a bit loose but it feels like home.  Those who have seen some of my Instagram pics can probably deduce who I'm talking about.  I have two tattoos dedicated to this entity and many years of fangirling invested.  I love how music has such a power, it can invoke such emotion and bring forth a torrent of memories that one would dare say they forget existed.  I don't know that I could ever put into words exactly how it feels but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.

So I hear Google Reader went the way of the dinosaurs.  How do you all feel about that? Do you use readers to follow blogs or do you have them bookmarked and just check certain ones on occasion? That's pretty much how I roll.  I have about four or five blogs bookmarked on my iPhone that I check on the regular and that's pretty much it.  I follow a lot on Instagram and a few on Facebook but the blog reader thingies aren't something I really utilized.  I feel so technologically inept at the moment since I don't have anything else set up like BlogLovin or whatever else exists.  What are comparable platforms that people are using now? 

So, yeah.  Enough rambling.  Hopefully now that the laptop is back from the dead I may get back into the swing of this thing.  Or not.  I MAKE NO PROMISES ON THIS.

But I did want to say hi!


  1. welcome sort of back! ive missed you here but i see you over on the instagram now and then so it hasnt been a terrible loss! your ninja battle video was amazing, so more of that in longer amounts of time because i cracked up and then it was over and i was sad. im glad whatever sucked in your life didn't keep you down!

    1. I wish Instagram allowed longer videos because I would seriously wander all over town taking video of the most random stuff.

      Life knocked me on my ass for a lil bit but I came back, as I always do. :D

  2. HI! I like your posts, you should yell at the interweb abyss more. I am the only person in the world without Instagram D: Even if I got it I'd be using it on my iPod which has a 1.2MP camera, the epitome of THE SUCK for nails (or anything, really). It's okay though, I see you on Twitter.

    I'm using bloglovin'! It was really easy and it imported my blogs all by itself with a few clicks. I'm still doing my nails... Zoya PixieDusts have me drooling. What do you think?

    1. ACK! I love Instagram! So many people are on it and it's just so cool. A quick and easy way too connect with people. Like twitter, but with visuals!

      I still haven't switched to a different reader or anything. Still pondering all of that jazz. I sooo want the new blue Pixie Dust (shocking, I know). I got half the new OPI collection and Alcatraz Rocks is awesome but I haven't been inspired to wear any of the others. I think my growing horde of untrieds is scaring me out of choosing a color. First world polish problems!