Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swatchcicles! Things you can't have, things you can have soon, things you need to have!

Hello Chrildens! I'm still very much undead and here, just not...-here-. If anything I've been posting pics  on instagram more than anything so I'll put a link to my instagram feed in here so that you can follow me there should you choose to do so. 

I miss blogging but at the same time I just haven't found the right balance of everything going on right now to fit it in. At work we're still totally swamped and with Christmas and MiniMe's birthday coming up...yeah. YEAH. BUT, I'm like 95% done with my shopping! WOO! I hit the mall first thing this morning and pretty much got everything I need save a bottle of wine and some small things. My bank account is anemic right now but I'm done and I feel pretty good about it. 

I've got some swatches of things you can't buy...yet...and never. Some have already sold out and some aren't out for sale yet. 

Liquid Lacquer Mockingbird. HOLYFUCKMESHIT! Is this not fucking GORGEOUS! I love this polish so much I can't even BEGIN to explain! It's a gorgeous bright cobalt jelly with a mix of large matte white hex glitters interspersed with medium and small white hex and small and fine white squares. This polish was made after a few of us in our FB group said we wanted something that looked like another discontinued indie polish. This is two coats of Mockingbird with a coat of Gelous and SV on top. No staining upon removal and I didn't have to use the glitter method either. Unfortunately this polish has now since sold out and will not be made in the future. Liquid Lacquer products are made in batches of 30 and once they're gone, they're gone so I implore you all to follow the Liquid Lacquer Facebook page for updates on new colors and restocks. You can purchase Liquid Lacquer on Etsy.

Matching Mommy/Daughter manis using Mockingbird.

Ah, my  beloved F4 Polish. This is another one of their new creations, not yet out for sale. This one is Lemony Cupcake and should be available after Christmas. It's a super saturated primary yellow base with a mix of red, blue, green, white and pale lavender hex glitters. Three coats gave full opacity of this one. I would call this one a crelly, leaning more heavily on the cream side. The formula on this was perfect as it went on like butter. No glitter fishing here! Removal easy as well, regular acetone nail polish and cotton balls, no foil required. It really does remind me of bakery cupcakes with the large pressed sugar sprinkles! YUM! Follow F4 on Facebook and make sure to check out their Etsy shop

This is two coats of China Glaze Little Drummer Boy with an accent of Orly Sunglasses at Night. Little Drummer boy is a deep blackened blue with a slight blue shimmer and Sunglasses at Night is bar holo glitter in a light black jelly base. This is one of the hardest manis to photograph that I can remember. The camera doesn't quite capture the depth of the blue.

This is a quick and dirty swatch of the Liquid Lacquer polishes I received in the mail today. !!!!! White Walker, Storm Born, Mother of Dragons, and the Drowned God were from the Game of Thrones collection with The Drowned God being the extra polish if you ordered the other three during a pre-order promo. Morning Cosmos is a brand new polish as is Old Blue Eyes and First Born Unicorn. Twinkle Toes and Lounging Lily are dupes of other very popular colors with Blue Pistachio being an original creation. That one may very well be sold out already, as is Twinkle Toes and I believe Lounging Lily. Again, if you want these polishes you have to be super quick to grab them because there will only be 30 made of each color and after that they will be retired. Liquid Lacquer is fast becoming one of my favorite polish brands, indie or otherwise. All of her products are of the utmost quality, no bleeding or curling glitters in any of them and her customer service is top notch! Melissa is very open to custom orders and taking suggestions from people as to what polishes they want to see and different themes on which to base colors on. 

As I stated above I do have an instagram that I'm quite active on. You can follow me on there under the name jennguin and here is a link to my profile.

Some of the polishes featured above where given to me for review/gifts and others were purchased by me. Regardless of whether or not I purchased or received said products my reviews/opinions of them are not biased in anyway whatsoever.


  1. Ooh, Mockingbird is amazing, and I love that Lemony Cupcake! Hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday. Happy New Year, Jen! ^_^

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