Monday, October 21, 2013

Post War Science - some of the t-shirts I wear on my body.

...what is this. Is it?  COULD IT BE?! Yesss...another post within the same month, SAME WEEK EVEN! Hath Hell frozen over? Nay, dear readers. Although Hell may not be just what you think it is. 

This has been in my head ALL DAY LONG. This is not a complaint.

The following is not a paid advertisement.
I paid my own monies for these products.
No compensation received for content posted.

No, this post is due to the amazeballs package I had waiting in my mailbox when I got home today. Now, we all love mail. I love mail. I love nail mail like whoa. The only thing I love more than nail mail is music mail and PWS mail. PWS mail, you say? Post War Science mail. What is Post War Science? Only the most awesome website/store that you don't know about, that's all! Let me drop some knowledge on you.

Post War Science is run by two awesome dudes.  Ted and Hunter. Hunter is the bassist of a little band called AFI.  AFI being my number one auralgasm inducing band. Not even fucking kidding with that one. AFI is deserving of their own post but that's not what this is about. Hunter is the bassist and through AFI and his postings I found one of his numerous side projects, Post War Science. Now, I love t-shirts. When I'm not working I live in t-shirt, hoodies, and jeans. I love t-shirts that say things. Threadless owns a good part of my closet but PWS is catching up. Today I got PWS shirt number five. These shirts are so goddamn motherfucking soft you wouldn't believe. And they're quality! They don't shrink, don't stretched out and lose their shape and the screenprint is fucking on point. Did I mention everything is done by hand to order? Because it is. Every shirt is numbered on the inside of the bottom hem and they're all limited quantities. I'm a magpie. Tell me something is collectible or limited edition and I'm all over that shit and PWS shirt and serigraphs are no different. Doesn't hurt that there are quite a few zombiecentric offerings as well. A company after my undead heart,  I tell you.

Am I getting paid to say any of this? FUCK NO. Am I telling you all of this for a reason? FUCK YEAH. Because when I enjoy something I want to share it. Sharing is caring. So let me spread some love on you like hot, creamy buttah. Post War Science isn't only t-shirt. They have serigraphs, hoodies, coffee mugs, buttons, and stickers. The stickers glow in the dark, btw, and make great additions to your bumpers or laptops. Just sayin'.  Y'all read this blog. You guys obviously have pretty good fucking taste since you're here and therefore I want to share things that you may enjoy as well. Thinking about branching out with this lil blog o'mine and doing more than just polish. There are other things in the world. Scary thought, I know, but it's true! Oh, it's true. BUT. Enough words, let's have some pictures. And these are pictures of yours truly, the zombie behind the words. Brace yourselves.

Death Metal

Death Metal was my first PWS shirt. It was a no brainer, har har har, for me. Tarot and shredding? Seriously. Seriously.

Living Dead Serigraph

My second purchase was this Living Dead Serigraph and a digital download of The Colors of Summer by Las Gatas Beach Club, one of Hunter's side projects. If you like chill, beachy tunes that you can totally tune out to and catch a good mellow on, check it out. I gets two desiccated thumbs up from me. 

Pissed Off Cat

Next we have Pissed Off Cat. It's a cat who is clearly pissed off. Ra approves. This shirt has a special spot in my putrefied heart because it's what I was wearing when I got my latest tattoo. Memories...

Living Dead and Death

Then the Living Dead print was put on a t-shirt and I'd be damned if I passed on that one. Death had to come home to me as well, it glows in the dark. YES. SOME OF THEIR SHIRTS GLOW IN THE DARK.

My pants, you can be jealous. And Desi, my rainbow and glitter throwing 
counterpart. The two of us together is dangerous. I smiled in this picture, damnit.

I wore the Death shirt to see AFI at the 930 Club in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago. Coolest part of this shirt? You can activate the GITD using the flashlight on an iPhone5. I demonstrated this in the cellar of the 930 Club as we waited to go up. I held the light to my shirt and drew designs on the skull. Many oohs and aahs were heard. Also. THERE ARE ZOMBIES ON MY LEGS. I REPEAT. ZOMBIES. ON MY LEGS. My life is amazing. 

'Nuff said.

Today I received my fifth PWS shirt, Fuck Love. I don't think this one needs any further explanation because it's right there in black and white. FUCK LOVE. Fucking right.

There you go. My love of awesome t-shirts and zombies rolled into one. One of the coolest things about PWS is that they have a Proof Of Purchase redemption program. The cardboard tags on the t-shirts are POPs and you can save them and turn them in for other merch like special addition shirts. I have enough saved now to turn in for a shirt. The only problem is deciding which one I want to get! 

Go check out Post War Science and see what they have for sale. Again, everything is limited edition so don't delay! They also have an Instagram and Twitter. Drop by and peruse the offerings. You can thank me later.

The views and opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.
No compensation was offered or received for any content posted here.
All products purchased with my own hard earned monies.
Pictures taken by moi.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Let's play catch up and make some Blue Balls with ManGlaze!

Helllooooo chrildens! Again I have let months pass before dusting off the cobwebs of my little corner of the interwebz to post here. Apologizes are pithy things so I won't bother with them but know that I haven't been dwindling away doing nothing. NAY. Things have been done!

Bullet form, shall we?

-I sat for 7 hours getting my most intricate tattoo to date. I love her with all of my body.
-I had a birthday and it was MAGNIFICENT.
-On said birthday I was in Richmond, Va and jumped the fence into a penguin enclosure.  LIFE WAS COMPLETED.
-I saw my most favoritest band last week and am planning on seeing them again on the next leg of their tour.
-I was a zombie in a Zombie 5k.  Full on undead agro!
-I made my first ManGlaze franken.

NOW.  If you follow me on Instagram, @thepolishedzombie you would know all of these things. WHY DON'T YOU FOLLOW ME THERE. WHY FOR NOT? Seriously though. I love my IG. I practically live on it. Right now you can see a picture of a much younger version of myself humping a traffic cone. I'm so not joking.  BUT. That's not why you're here and that's not why I'm here right now. Right now I'm here to talk about a cause very near and dear to my heart. A cause that I cannot believe hasn't been taken up  yet, a cause that is so noble, so...necessary that I, your lover of all things undead, cats, and polish and penguins, have decided it is my short term life's goal to see through. What is this great movement I seek to start? A LIGHT BLUE MANGLAZE.  You heard me. A light blue ManGlaze. Think about it.  Nawsome Sauce has ILF. Matte is Murder has Fuggen Ugly. Cabron has Mink Mittens. Fatty's Got More Blood has Fuck Off and Dye (Pink).  Royal Matterimoaning has no one. A lonely, singular shade of matte blue looking for it's paler yet just as bitching counterpart. I brought this up to Marc (Senor ManGlaze) last night on Facebook and he said I should franken one myself using Royal + Mayo. AND SO I DID. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. I took it one step further by adding some Hot Mess to give it a little extra mattefied sparkle and goddamn, do I love it. I have named my creation Blue Balls and am here to share it with you all and to tell you that you too can have Blue Balls in your life, but even better...we can come together in the polish loving horde that we are and see if we can't get a color like this made on a grander scale. Why should there be numerous shades of Blue Balls out there, why can't we unite under a single shade of Balled Blue? This is why I am coming to you today.


I shall now regale you with pictures and explanations of how I made this particular shade of Blue Balls. Should you choose to do this your Blue Balls will not look like mine. Everyone's Blue Balls will look different unless we get a mass produced version in which we can all have matching Blue Balls blue manis. Say that five times fast.

Start with a Franken Jugg and some Mayo.  I used an entire mini bottle for this.

Mayo, Royal, and Hot Mess ready to get agitated.

Thoroughly agitated Blue Balls.

MoneyBottle shot.

Matte vs Shiny.  Beautiful Blue Balls blue either way.

Au naturale, with Hot Mess, and topcoat.  No flash and flash.

Now, if you're sitting at your screen drooling and flailing wondering where you can get this I have to tell can't. Not this exactly. BUT you can create your own version of Blue Balls, or any other color creation that your creative cranium can come up! LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING. 

Right now ManGlaze is having their 26.66% Off Shartdown Sale. YES. MANGLAZE ON SALE! All colors except Matte is Murder, Fuggen Ugly, and the Franken Juggs are on sale right now. And free shipping on orders over $26.66!!! I'm placing an order tomorrow for another bottle of Royal, Hot Mess, and Mayo because I need to stock up on Blue Balls supplies because I cannot live without this color in my life now. Although I'd love it if ManGlaze would make a light blue and let me continue along my zombie like ways and not have to put forth the effort of pouring and shaking myself. Go check out their sale and let them know that you too are on the side of Blue Ball colored matte polish!

All views stated here are mine and mine own.
I make no money off of this and all products
were purchased on my own accord.
I was not approached in any way to write any of the things
I have said although they're all true. EVERY LAST WORD.

And because I love her so much and this is a ManGlaze-centric post here's a pic of my newest tattoo. I'm wearing ManGlaze Nawesome Sauce and Hot Mess and the green matches perfectly. ILF would also match the lighter green. This was done by Sean at 9TATTOO. 7 hours, freehand completely custom. I love her. I'll put the reference picture beside so you can see just how amazing Sean is and how he completely took the idea I had and put his own spin on it making it completely unique. 

Bonus points if you know what this is from!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Things, and more things. Let me type some words for you to read.

HALLO CHRILDENS! I still un-live.  Life things happened, some good...a lot bad.  Meh.  I don't think that anyone really wants to hear about it or what all is going down with it all right now.  Life can suck, relationshits almost always suck and people will hurt you most of the time if and when you let them.  You live and let live and become a better person because of it.  I've missed having an outlet, even if only typing a few words and throwing them into the interweb abyss.

I have been ridiculously active on Instagram though. DO YOU HAVE IT?! My tag, shockingly enough, is thepolishedzombie.  COME FIND ME! Tons of nail pics, cat pics, random pics...yeah.  Basically this but boiled down and concentrated. Loving the video feature.  LOVE IT.  I did a bathroom video in which I talked therefore proving that I'm not just all moans and groans.

I'll apologize for the lack of nail in this post, again, I felt compelled to write, to share, to say something and so something is being said.

What are y'all listening to now?  Anything new and shiny?  I've rediscovered an old love and it's like slipping back into a comfy old sweatshirt.  It's worn, it's a bit loose but it feels like home.  Those who have seen some of my Instagram pics can probably deduce who I'm talking about.  I have two tattoos dedicated to this entity and many years of fangirling invested.  I love how music has such a power, it can invoke such emotion and bring forth a torrent of memories that one would dare say they forget existed.  I don't know that I could ever put into words exactly how it feels but I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about.

So I hear Google Reader went the way of the dinosaurs.  How do you all feel about that? Do you use readers to follow blogs or do you have them bookmarked and just check certain ones on occasion? That's pretty much how I roll.  I have about four or five blogs bookmarked on my iPhone that I check on the regular and that's pretty much it.  I follow a lot on Instagram and a few on Facebook but the blog reader thingies aren't something I really utilized.  I feel so technologically inept at the moment since I don't have anything else set up like BlogLovin or whatever else exists.  What are comparable platforms that people are using now? 

So, yeah.  Enough rambling.  Hopefully now that the laptop is back from the dead I may get back into the swing of this thing.  Or not.  I MAKE NO PROMISES ON THIS.

But I did want to say hi!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


For shizzle my zombizzles! Sporadic be thy name. Again, not dead but undead here in zombie!land. Work has been hectic but I have been spreading the polish gospel to the uninitiated and innocents in the world! I do hope all is well with you all, kids and kittens. Lots of new collections have been released with some along the lines of pant wettingly awesome (new color club holos) and some an orchestra of sad trombones (china glaze holograms).

I figured I'd do a little spamming right now of some of my more recent manis. Nothing super fancy but sharing is caring!

Liquid Lacquer Collide Into You

Jade Extasy

OPI Iridescent Opal

Liquid Lacquer Blue Bomb

ManGlaze Royal Matterimoaning with a. accent of F4 Rainforest

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Heyyyyyyy. Hey, gurl, hey.

Surprise! Still undead. Funny, I gave blood last night and the phlebotomist had a hard time finding my pulse, so there you go!

Been a while since I've been on here. I Instagram (jennguin) and FB but not so much in the blogosphere which is probably for the best since I totally fucked up my ring finger on my swatching hand last week at work.

I also have an iPhone and this is my first post with him so maybe that will spurn me to start posting more.

So, what's new, kids and kittens?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swatchcicles! Things you can't have, things you can have soon, things you need to have!

Hello Chrildens! I'm still very much undead and here, just not...-here-. If anything I've been posting pics  on instagram more than anything so I'll put a link to my instagram feed in here so that you can follow me there should you choose to do so. 

I miss blogging but at the same time I just haven't found the right balance of everything going on right now to fit it in. At work we're still totally swamped and with Christmas and MiniMe's birthday coming up...yeah. YEAH. BUT, I'm like 95% done with my shopping! WOO! I hit the mall first thing this morning and pretty much got everything I need save a bottle of wine and some small things. My bank account is anemic right now but I'm done and I feel pretty good about it. 

I've got some swatches of things you can't buy...yet...and never. Some have already sold out and some aren't out for sale yet. 

Liquid Lacquer Mockingbird. HOLYFUCKMESHIT! Is this not fucking GORGEOUS! I love this polish so much I can't even BEGIN to explain! It's a gorgeous bright cobalt jelly with a mix of large matte white hex glitters interspersed with medium and small white hex and small and fine white squares. This polish was made after a few of us in our FB group said we wanted something that looked like another discontinued indie polish. This is two coats of Mockingbird with a coat of Gelous and SV on top. No staining upon removal and I didn't have to use the glitter method either. Unfortunately this polish has now since sold out and will not be made in the future. Liquid Lacquer products are made in batches of 30 and once they're gone, they're gone so I implore you all to follow the Liquid Lacquer Facebook page for updates on new colors and restocks. You can purchase Liquid Lacquer on Etsy.

Matching Mommy/Daughter manis using Mockingbird.

Ah, my  beloved F4 Polish. This is another one of their new creations, not yet out for sale. This one is Lemony Cupcake and should be available after Christmas. It's a super saturated primary yellow base with a mix of red, blue, green, white and pale lavender hex glitters. Three coats gave full opacity of this one. I would call this one a crelly, leaning more heavily on the cream side. The formula on this was perfect as it went on like butter. No glitter fishing here! Removal easy as well, regular acetone nail polish and cotton balls, no foil required. It really does remind me of bakery cupcakes with the large pressed sugar sprinkles! YUM! Follow F4 on Facebook and make sure to check out their Etsy shop

This is two coats of China Glaze Little Drummer Boy with an accent of Orly Sunglasses at Night. Little Drummer boy is a deep blackened blue with a slight blue shimmer and Sunglasses at Night is bar holo glitter in a light black jelly base. This is one of the hardest manis to photograph that I can remember. The camera doesn't quite capture the depth of the blue.

This is a quick and dirty swatch of the Liquid Lacquer polishes I received in the mail today. !!!!! White Walker, Storm Born, Mother of Dragons, and the Drowned God were from the Game of Thrones collection with The Drowned God being the extra polish if you ordered the other three during a pre-order promo. Morning Cosmos is a brand new polish as is Old Blue Eyes and First Born Unicorn. Twinkle Toes and Lounging Lily are dupes of other very popular colors with Blue Pistachio being an original creation. That one may very well be sold out already, as is Twinkle Toes and I believe Lounging Lily. Again, if you want these polishes you have to be super quick to grab them because there will only be 30 made of each color and after that they will be retired. Liquid Lacquer is fast becoming one of my favorite polish brands, indie or otherwise. All of her products are of the utmost quality, no bleeding or curling glitters in any of them and her customer service is top notch! Melissa is very open to custom orders and taking suggestions from people as to what polishes they want to see and different themes on which to base colors on. 

As I stated above I do have an instagram that I'm quite active on. You can follow me on there under the name jennguin and here is a link to my profile.

Some of the polishes featured above where given to me for review/gifts and others were purchased by me. Regardless of whether or not I purchased or received said products my reviews/opinions of them are not biased in anyway whatsoever.